More than a Higher Education

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More than a Higher Education

The opportunity to study at Torrens University Australia has provided me with more than higher education; I have finished with increased cultural awareness on both a personal and academic level.

At Torrens University, by removing the traditional university learning format of the overcrowded auditorium in favour of small classes, of up to 20 students, the classes at Torrens provide individualised learning and provide a feeling of community and warm welcoming.

Many of my classmates were international students, hailing from all over the globe, including India, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. It was also exciting to have lecturers who have immigrated from Brazil, India and Malaysian backgrounds to provide examples of social normalities from ‘home’. These cultural differences provide a dynamic collision of ideas and backgrounds that enriched the in-class learning experience.

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During many of my classes, there were various opportunities to listen, observe and openly discuss social norms from other cultures, by providing me with a broader understanding and increased awareness of the differences between myself and those from different cultural backgrounds.

From this unique experience, I have learnt that people around me will hold different views and social understandings. When dealing with a cultural challenge, I will try and find common ground, steer away from confrontation and toward harmony through empathy and unity. The opportunity to study at Torrens University has diversified my circle of friends and colleagues, personal and professional interests and introduced me to a range of food experiences.

Over the past three years, the influence of students, lecturers and university staff have strengthened my beliefs and understanding of the diverse Australian culture. Cultural awareness allows our community the leverage of diversity and to discover new ideas, enrich our lives and grow in the process.

By Danielle Borroughs
02 August 2020

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